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CRSC's Revised English Website Goes Live !A New Information Channel!

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CRSC's revised English website ( goes live on 4th July.

The website has 6 tier-one columns, including About Us, News, Business, Investors, Culture & Responsibility, and Group Link, and  15 tier-two columns,  showcasing CRSC's recent achievements in reform & development and scientific & technical innovation, opening CRSC's new information channel to global public, and presenting its corporate performance and technical strength to global customers.

Besides content adjustment, the website has undergone redesign of overall view, resulting in a concise and elegant style, plain display of contents and prominence of key columns. It will provide regular updates on CRSC's involvement in the "Belt and Road Initiative" in international cooperation and overseas projects for mutual benefit.

CRSC is the world’s largest provider of rail transportation control systems, a key participant and promoter of the "Going Global" of China's railway technologies, and the developer of China's key & core technologies for rail transportation safety and passenger & freight transportation efficiency, including control systems for High Speed Railways (HSRs), intercity railways, conventional railways, metros, medium-to-low-speed maglevs, and trams and their maintenance systems.

As an active player in the "Belt and Road Initiative", CRSC has participated in all overseas railway projects, providing control system technologies & services for over 10 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It has opened Mombasa-Nairobi and Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railways, and is executing Jakarta-Bandung and Hungary-Serbia HSRs, contributing "Chinese wisdom" to global rail transportation infrastructure building.

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