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CRSC in Talks with Morocco on Infrastructure and Rail Transport Development

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Recently, a CRSC delegation headed by CRSCU leaders visited the Kingdom of Morocco at the invitation of Mr Choubani, governor of Larache Province, to talk about development trends of infrastructure and rail transport development, and feasibility of industrial and technical upgrading.

During the meetings, the CRSC delegation conducted all-round and in-depth exchanges on building and municipal infrastructure construction, power transmission facilities construction and upgrading, mineral exploitation and processing, high speed railway and light rail construction with Moroccan officials, including prime minister, minister of transport, minister of energy, director of infrastructure construction, general manager of ONCF, governor and vice governor of Larache, mayor and vice mayor of Fez, and mayor and vice mayor of Tangier.

The Moroccan side hoped that CRSC would cooperate in areas with high-tech content and high added-value and invest in Morocco, integrating into the local economy and society and establishing localized operation, to achieve long-term presence and sustainable development.

The CRSC delegation sought business breakthroughs in the upstream of the industrial chain, to expand areas of cooperation; long-term stable partnership with Morocco, to achieve cooperation in industrial chain and technology; and exchange with high-level authorities in Morocco, for joint evaluation of communication obstacle in future cooperation and formulation of response measures, to minimize unexpected risks in cross-border cooperation.

Prime Minister Othmani mentioned that Morocco enjoyed long-standing friendship with China, among China's best trading partners at the time of the Silk Road and members of the "Belt and Road" initiative since 2017. He welcomed CRSC delegation's visit and CRSC's entry in the Moroccan market.

The local media paid much attention to CRSC's visit, which was reported by Maroc Soir on its front page on the day after the meetings (30th April).

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